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Northern Analytical Laboratory is a specialist in the chemical analysis of trace and ultra-trace impurities in a wide variety of sensitive materials. Successful chemical analysis of ultra-trace materials is not a casual task and requires a laboratory with experienced personnel, modern instrumentation, and scrupulous laboratory practices.

Degradation of high purity materials through the steps of a manufacturing process is one of the most common causes of equipment failure. Northern Analytical Labs has the capability to assess not only the purity of your starting material, but the purity of your crucibles, acids, dopants, and process water.

Our Spark Source Mass Spectrograph has the capacity to detect over 80 elements simultaneously with part per billion sensitivity. The SSMS, a powerful survey tool, is expedient in the examination of metals, salts, and semiconductors.

The chemical analysis of high purity materials cannot be based solely upon instrumental response, however. Our scientists perform and interpret all analyses and are aware of the pitfalls unique to high purity analysis.

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